Service Features

Traditional data companies do not support annotation of the data in other languages, excepting Chinese and English. Iceberg Data has full-time annotators of more than 300 native languages, so that your multilingual training data can be quickly obtained

Annotation content

One-stop data solution for the scientific and technical companies in multiple fields

Product Functions

Iceberg Data owns an industry-leading data processing platform - Iceberg Data annotation system. This system is designed by senior designer of the industry. And this system integrates into data annotation tools and project process management to protect data delivery.

Operation of Iceberg Data annotation system

Project Cases

"High-level data quality is very important to our intelligent driving project, or, there will be irreparable algorithm potential safety hazards. We have used multiple internal tools to evaluate the annotation data delivered by Iceberg Data team. The results of quality evaluation are good. And we are confident to apply these data into important algorithm training projects."

———— Mr. Qin

the responsible person of Baidu intelligent driving project


———— RSS20



Iceberg Data provides you with a flexible solution which meets all your customized data demands.

About Us

Iceberg Data is owned by Yu'an (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. It specializes in providing quick and efficient basic data service for AI industry. By using independently researched and developed Iceberg Data annotation system and combining with deeply developed global crowdsourcing and self-operating factory mode, Iceberg Data team is able to provide customized data processing scheme and implementation service in accordance with specific domain demands and scenarios to deliver standardized and structured high-precision machine learning data.